Chatting with Houston

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GroG, I'm really interested

GroG, I'm really interested in how you managed to get your bot to chat!

Maybe another function to insert in R2? What do you think? 

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FLAVIO ! Nice to see you back


Nice to see you back ;)

Chat (which is the XMPP Service) has a lot of potential, it can make communicating and controlling your robot very easy.  You can control it through most many firewalls and without having to setup port forwarding.

In order to do it though you need to setup a Jabber account. One way to do this is to get a gmail account for your robot.  With gmail the account owner gets a gtalk/jabber account automatically.  

For security your robot will only chat & take commands from one of your robot's "buddys" - so you have to sign into your robot's account and add yourself as a buddy.

Then in script xmpp is pretty easy to start.

xmpp = Runtime.createAndStart("xmpp","XMPP")
xmpp.connect("", 5222, "", "mypassword")
xmpp.addAuditor("Flavio Sune") # add yourself as you appear to your robot 
xmpp.setStatus(True," I am alive and waiting for your orders ")



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Perfect! Simple and


Simple and direct!

Will try this soon!!!