Chassis in MRL InMoov

How about chassis controls for InMoov, unless it’s already available if so please tell me how.

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Hello and Welcome SBorne. Can

Hello and Welcome SBorne.

Can you describe what you mean by "Chassis" controls ?

I'm working on a general Chassis or mobile platforms, others are working on legs.  These things are in development, so it may not be what you consider "available".

What exactly are you interested in ?

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Hi GroG

in MRL chassis is in the available apps, thinking it’s to control a motorized platform . That’s what I would like to use for my InMoov. I can find it in apps, maybe Service is better , but if I start it it doesn’t give me any way of controlling nor does it stay loaded. So basically I want away to control a motorized platform for my InMoov. Legs will come but later. 



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motorized InMoov base

Hi Scott

I haven't seen many motorized bases in the last few years. For sure one is Markus's mecanum wheel base and he is controlling it with a joy stick afaik. I have built a similar cart and have added infrared sensors on the cart to avoid driving into obstacles or pits. I have also seen pics of 3 wheeled carts using motors to steer and power one of wheels.

I have invested quite some time to write arduino code that allows for simple move commands (move <direction>,<speed>,<distance> and rotate <degrees>, <speed> with my cart.

These basic commands include however checking the sensors before and while moving. As the sensors themself are mounted on the corners of the cart on servos which allow to swipe the area in front of them it ended up to be a rather complex process. In addition I have written a python task which visualizes the measured distances of the sensors and allows to manually enter commands or be controlled by other tasks using rpyc connection.

In the picture the cart is told to move backwards and it shows the measured distance values of the infrared sensors (two sensors for near/far measurments using different mounting angles). The gray area is the "safe" distance range to start the move. As you can see there are some "red" distance values for the "far" sensor values but they get currently ignored because the sensors are kind of poor quality and hard to calibrate (Sharp 2Y0A21). In addition the cart has a BNO055 to detect and monitor the orientation.

To make a start in MRL integration it will (my opinion) need a decision about what cart types should be supported and the list of possible commands for each type. In addition the possibility to define sensor types and data value ranges that allow to activate the motor(s).

Looks to me like a long way to go.


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Motorized base

Hello Juerg

Sounds similar to what I have started. Would you share code? Coding is my weak point in this journey but I’m working on it.  Either way thanks for your response.


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no problems with sharing my

no problems with sharing my code but it is heavily bound to my setup. will post it on my mrl script library.