Change aref ( analog Reference ) of arduino

Usefull to tweak analog signal sensors. Need to test more, seem worky :

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unit tests

Hi Moz4r,

  Nice addition, being able to control more of the native arduino features is a great thing .  Controling the analog reference value is definitely a good addition. 

  One thing, currently the build is broken, we have unit tests that make sure everything is still worky after changes occur.  The current test that is failing is the ArduinoTest2.  There was much work done before to make it so that parts of the MrlComm sketch are automatically generated.  GroG can fill in more details about it.

  Eitherway, good stuff,  I'm happy to see additions coming into MrlComm.  It's been pretty static (and stable) for a while now.  New features are definitely good.  We just need to make sure the build gets back to a passing status after these latest changes you've committed.

  Great stuff, keep up the great work!


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spoke too soon..

I just realized you just fixed the build :)   Awesome.  I would like GroG to code review these changes though to make sure they're in-line with the auto-generation of MrlComm.  

nicely done!

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Ahoy ! Great addition Moz4r

Ahoy !

Great addition Moz4r !

And here are some notes on code generation...