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Assembly has begun, I'd like to get the head, eyes and neck together to help Ale with 4 PID tracking...  the faster I put this together the faster I can do "real software" development..   Fixing remotely or with no-workys is always much more challenging.

Its fun to see the parts come out and put them together.  I feel like I'm in Gael's head, or at least observing his thoughts and solutions to solve various problems...   very cool and a little voyeuristic.  The design and the way things fit together is fantastic.  Some little pieces were a bit tight fitting. I read that this is probably due to the fact Gael designed and built in ABS which shrinks more than PLA. 

The Dremel with the router bit is great .. a couple of seconds on some of the holes and the pins will fit perfectly. Has a lovely sweet smell to when grinding :)

If you stop by Gael.. I want to say thanks and express how much I appreciate your design skills and also am thankful you chose to publish it with creative commons licensing.  Now that you know I am in awe of your design skills, I have to ask, why did you rotate the head with 2 gears ?  Why not a direct connection from the servo ?  Just curious, was hoping to learn somthing..   

ok .. looks like I got to buy some servos :)

EDIT - heh .. looking down the center of the neck I think I know why Gael chose to use 2 gears instead of direct drive - with direct drive there's not a hole down the center of the neck.. I'm guessing the setup is for WIRING ! .. Awesome :)

Christmas again... Yay .. a tray of good parts

Part Name (STL) L/R Print
Remarks Print
NeckV1.stl       2:36  
GearHolderV1.stl     might have to reprint this one as it suffered from the low bump in the batch print    

Printed parts are on a Replicator 2 (until I get my Prusa working :)
Print settings are "Standard" profile for Replicator 2 - Infill 10%, Quality Standard, Number of Shells 2, Layer Height 0.20 mm, Temp 230 C, Extruding Speed 90 mm/s, Travel Speed 150 mm/s, No Rafts, No Supports


A blog similar to KMC's with my own InMoov triumphs and tribulations.
I'm printing InMoov in black simply because it was loaded in the printer :) ... and I think it will look very cool, especially with red LEDs in the eyes ..

2 Good Prints !  Yay !

Since he's going to be all black, I'll be calling him Chad after KMC's suggestions & this video 




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hairygael's picture

Very nice prints! I wonder if

Very nice prints! I wonder if printing in black means something for the future... Soon you will be able to get the complete head!

hairygael's picture

Hey nice assembly!! Your

Hey nice assembly!!

Your guessing about the not direct drive of the servo for wiring, is the correct answer :)

AdolphSmith's picture

Our Robo Doctor Every print

Our Robo Doctor

Every print is so nice. I can see you rake special care of every part, Nice work.