Categories in Runtime Gui

I found categories helpful in the past to organize services.  Potentially the services could be categorized under the interfaces they support.  Currently, the definitions are a bit of a mess - but since this was viewable in the SwingGui (which is dead to me) I've made them visible in the WebGui (yay). 

Included in this pr is an error method in the mrl services.
In the above example I pressed start service without naming my Polly service.  An error appears above describing the missing requirement.  The code is very simple 

Still need to make mrl.warn( ... ) and ... ) to fully model what happens in Java-Land

Needed to clear some changes so I don't make omni-bus prs

Also had to add the resource overrides...  

Trying to clear my plate so Servos will be very limited changes.

PR 632

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Can I Make it Speech in Arabic language ?
And How i can do it?

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Polly has a voice

Polly has a voice called Zeina which can pronouce Arabic.
As I am not an Arabic speaker I can not say what the quality is, although to me it "sounds" close