case arduino in cardboard

hello like i haven't a 3d printer i build all in cardboard lol

i am the king of cardboard

thank you kwinne for your help

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And A Fine King At That

Looks great Ambroise.. You are very talented in your craft with cardboard. I do not have the patience that 

working in that medium must require. Keep up your great work you are getting there.

Dwayne (dwilli9013)

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Nice work Amby, did you get

Nice work Amby, did you get some of the cardboard gears and servos working now that you have the arduino?

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hello gael i try to speak

hello gael

i try to speak english lol 

so i try with a potentiometre for my servo motor work

it is nice

but my servo work to fast

i donwload myrobotlab and grog help me for he work

i don't use it again

that was my next mission but i dont any idea how i do it

some many tuto here so i was looking for

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the king of cardboard lol