evertime i download the new version it keeps stopping and never starts up is it windows 10 or a setting that Iam missing


6 years 10 months ago

Hi Mike & Welcome.

Not sure what is going on for you.. but I suggest following the steps below and see how it works for you.

1. check if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit windows version.

2. Make sure to download the proper version of  Java. Java must be at least version 7.  (I recommend Java 8 JDK )

3. make a new folder on your computer  c:\mrl   (I use this because there's no odd characters in the file path, or spaces)

4. download the following "jar" file into the c:\mrl folder  http://mrl-bucket-01.s3.amazonaws.com/current/develop/myrobotlab.jar

5. open up a command prompt:   ( Start -> Run -> cmd )  

6. change to the MRL directory   "cd \mrl"

7.  start my robot lab by typing in   "java -jar myrobotlab.jar"

...  the GUI should pop up for you at this point...  next, install all the MRL services.

8. click on the runtime tab.

9. from the menu select "install all"  

10.  wait for all services to download & install 

11. it will ask you to restart MyRobotLab,  click  ok.

12. this brings you back to the command prompt..   press  "control-c"  to close the CLI for MRL.

13. start MyRobotLab back up with the command  "java -jar myrobotlab.jar"  

14. Do stuff!   


Note: sometimes downloading of some services might fail from time to time, soyou might want to repeat step 9 if some things failed to download.


Good luck!




6 years 10 months ago

I have tried that it's like it stops or locks up I see it in processes but it's not doing anything


6 years 10 months ago

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Hi Mike,

  sorry you're having issues with this.  I've tested here on my windows 10, 64-bit laptop.  The latest build started up no problem for me.  

  If you bring up task manager, it's possible that you have some "zombie" java processes running?  If so, identify and kill all "java" processes.. and try launching MRL again.  That might help.  

  My Robot Lab launches as 2 process.  1 is the agent, the 2nd is the actual instance of MRL.  Often , if you close out the gui for MRL, the agent will remain running.

  Also, have a look at the "agent.log" to see if there might be some clues in there as to what happened.  If MRL was running properly, you'd be able to send it to us directly by sending a "no worky" ...

  Hope this helps!




6 years 10 months ago

Sounds dumb but I had the same problem.  Turned out my jar file was named 'myrobotlab (2)'

I changed it to 'myrobotlab' and it fired right up.


May help you


6 years 10 months ago

All the advise is good.

Is there a log file that is left in the directory which you can email to us ?  

email it to supertick (at) gmail.com 

Without more detailed information - it will be a challenge to help you....