Cannot install service on myrobotlab built from the git project

Hello everyone.

I had a problem with the service remoteAdapter which did not work because the nettosphere dependency was missing, so i tried to rebuild myrobotlab from travis's build to add it myself. Once myrobotlab is built I cannot install any of the services because all the dependencies can't be resolved. (I'm connected to the internet)

Is it possible that apache ivy is the problem? (I have some difficulties to install it)

Otherwise is it possible to build it with the services pre installed? Or to install them manually from the repo?

Thank you for your time.

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Ahoy Nicolas!

It's very possible that there's a jar that is missing.. or perhaps another jar is included that is conflicting.  It's difficult to tell.  Yes, there is a sort of ivy integration that pulls in different services.. but the reality is they all pull dependencies from the "repo" project.

We have started to evaluate moving to a maven based build.  There is the start of that on the "mavenmrl" branch.  The reality is, we hav dependencies here that don't exist in the standard central repositories.  Going forward, this dependency management needs to get simpler to manage.  We were thinking of a maven/artifactory setup.  

But I digress..  The myrobotlab.log file likely contains an error message or stack trace.  Maybe it's a class not found exception...  You mention that this is related to the RemoteAdapter service...  Each service has a method called "getMetaData" ..  this method defines the dependencies required to install that service.  It's possible that those are incorrect.

...  There is , in the help menu of MRL... a way to send a "no worky"  .. This posts your log file to so we can all look at it and collaborate.  So...  if you reproduce this issue, it's always good to send a "no worky" ...   It helps us collaborate and make it worky!


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Thank you Kwatters

Hi Kwatters, thank you for your answer.
I now have a better understanding on how the services are installed now. Ok since all the services can't be installed it is probably that something prevent myrobotlab to read the dependencies in "repo"

Anyway i'll go take a look at the myrobotlab.log and I'll send a "no worky", hope to hear from you again soon.

Thank you again!


I found a way around, I use the repo file from a worky version and i replace it in my "no worky" version and it works now. Also i sent a no worky from the tool as advised.

Thank you again!