I cannot get MRL to connect to an Arduino Uno. I downloaded MRL 1.0.119 from Github. I have uploaded MRLCOMM.ino to the Arduino. I then start the Arduino service and rename it MyArduino. I see 2 tabs one where I select Ardunio Uno and the other where I select the comm port which is Comm 25. When I start the comm session I lights flicker on the Arduino board. I then get a message bad magic number. I then start InMoovMinimal. I see lights flicker on the Arduino and the voice recognigition works but I get no response from the servo's. I do see at the bottom MRL bad magic number 227. I go to the Python tab and at the bottom where the console messages appear when I scroll through the messages there are lots of bad magic number errors all with different numbers. I have deleted and reinstalled MyRobotLab twice but the same error occurs. I have tried just starting the Arduino and trying to activate one servo using the servo tab but the same bad magin number error appears. When I use the servo slider I can see the TX/RX lights on the Arduino flicker so something is being recieved but I get no response from the servo. Any suggestions?



8 years 4 months ago

Did you first download and install the Arduino IDE from Arduino.cc and then upload the "sketch" that is provided in the arduino tab of MRL? you only need to do this once. Afterthan the Arduino  IDE is no longer needed.

I made the mistake of using the MRLCOMM program from the MRL download instead of using the code in the arduino tab in MRL. I copied the code from the tab and uploaded it to the arduino. The arduino now connects and shows version 21.