Campaign for MyRobotLab on Wikipedia

Update: This document now open for anyone to edit...  


so.. I see that there are 2 pages that point to MyRobotLab on wikipedia.

1.  the InMoov page :

2. the open source robotics page :


problem is.. there's no page for MyRobotLab! 

So, as it turns out, they're a bit picky about which articles get added to wikipedia, and they didn't like my attempts to publish the page.. so. i figured we should (as a community ) draft up a wikipedia page for MyRobotLab so when we go to publish it on wikipedia we'll have a good page to start with.. 


Feel free to add comments,  if you'd like to edit, let me know, i'll send you an invite to edit!

When we're ready, we'll submit it here at this link:

when we're good we can submit, and an admin will review and hopefully approve.


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Some suggestions, thoughts

I think we should try to do it the way other pages are laid out. For example add paragraph breaks and headings rather than one continuous paragraph. 

Wiki pages seem to have a basic intro (similar to what you've written but less specific), then 'history' (when it was started, Greg's name, reason why he started it etc).

Number of developers working on it.

Where they hail from.

How developers are brought onto the project and that it's all voluntary.

Number of users and where located. (They'll probably expect some source for that) - to show what a vital international community/resource we are. 

Maybe then we could have a paragraph on 'services', with some information about the available services and what they do. It wouldn't have to be exhaustive. Those mentions of services could also include links to other web-sites relating to those services.  I don't know how to add those links in Wikipedia.  

The services are the guts of MRL really, aren't they? So I imagine how they are used and what they do should be briefly explained.  

I think it might be good to mention something about the capabilities to link services for foreign speakers - to show the international flavour and ethos of MRL. That could be a good academic selling point. 

If there are pages on wiki or elsewhere about 'deep learning' and 'chat-bots' they could be linked to those words.  If someone is reading it and doesn't know what it is they can click on the link and be enlightened. 

Mention of 'Open source'  or 'open source robotics' could be a click-on link to that page. 

I think the page should be geared to total tech noobs, without any assumed knowledge because Wikipedia is supposed to be an educational resource and appears to be geared that way.

As Ray suggested, it should be mentioned that it works on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems and how the user works it. (Simply put). 

I think we should have the MRL logo on the right of the page and also include a screen-shot of the MRL with all the services for the inmoov connected with a caption underneath explaining that that is what it is.

Paragraph called 'Aims' - Philosophical aims for MRL - I mean, apart from hastening the onset of the Robocalypse (something lofty and highly moral about open source and education etc - LOL).

Here's a couple of links:

Maker Faire Rome - 2013 -

(You could drop it in somewhere where international Maker Faires are mentioned) The MyRobotLab software


Gael writes at this link:

"Regarding the software, the MyRobotLab is the application at the basis of the entire InMoov project. etc etc"

Here's a couple of other links where MRL is mentioned:


Here's that one from the Boston Maker Faire

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Great ideas Humanoid. I'd

Great ideas Humanoid.

I'd recommend looking at something similar in nature to MyRobotLab like ROS 

and use the same guidelines, outline, and format.

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WTF ! Kwatters banned ? the

WTF ! Kwatters banned ? the machines will rise up for revenge !

For next public events I will promote more MRL because a wallpaper is not enough ...

I will print some presentation flyer based on wikipedia text.

Is wikidata feed is related to wikipedia ? I wish the bot awnser something when I ask "what is my robot lab" :)

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basic framework for mrl page

I've added a whole bunch of sections..  I would like people to see if their comments from above fit into this sort of table of contents.  I also welcome re-organization , additions and deletions from the current table of contents.

Most all of the content is basically un-reviewed.. hopefully relevant.. either way, we're at about 28 pages.  I think if we can put something like this together that has a decent flow, not only could it be the wikipedia page, but it could also service as a community created book for myrobotlab!  (There is a different google doc for that.. currently about 200 pages long..)


anyway.. I love that there's support on this topic..  I think if we put together a wikipedia page that has a decent amount of content, then we will ultimately get our page posted...  Of this I am not worried.