Build Server Shenanigans

In the past the build server would often fail  (even Travis would) because of lacking resources.   But it was always nice to have a public place to show the current status. I have more resources locally and its less expensive for me to do builds.  We potentially also have a wider variety of resources too as a collective, which might be better testing too.

When DNS settles - the build server should be @

Currently I have 3 machines which are involved in build mrl.

  • my laptop "lappy" - a windows 64 bit machine is happy with the build & tests
  • the public  build server, tried to build mrl and blew up - that is why its red with stormclouds :(
  • and work-e's brain which is a linux 64 machine - where Arduino tests are failing for some reason

all 3 (and potentially more) post the results of their build & testing to the public server

The last part I have to figure out is where the finished software is sent, and how .. :)