Brave new world..

What a happy couple ..   They are so good for one another, He keeps her entertained and she's trying to get him to quit smoking...

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Love is blind

If she truly loved him, she'd plug his eyeballs in.

And another thing...skull gaps!

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Ha !  .. love is blind ..

Ha !  .. love is blind .. apparently you don't need working cameras...

But I agree, she should have had the picture photoshop'd to take care of those unsightly skull-gaps.. or put a bunch of led's in there .. you know, if you have it, own it :)

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20 minutes Swiss Train Magazine

Today I made a quick trip to constance and my wife picked up the Train "Rag" newspaper called 20Minutes (she looked at me with those robotic eyes and asked me again to tweek her servos ;-)

The 20 minutes "Rag" is distributed at all railway stations in Switzerland...

The train I travelled on was a local one and I guess at least 1 in 10 passengers were reading it.... goodness know how many on the Zurich/Bern/Luzern tracks etcetcetc

Awesome exposure though Gael might need some better chatup lines.....