Boy Scout Camp Project

My first thought was a hex-a-pod I would pre-print...


I also considered each Scout making an InMoov head from the neck up, but printing time scares me ;-P

I am told we will have between 20 and 40 Scouts in the class, the goal is something educational and for each Scout to take home a robot. My buget is $180 max per Scout but they would like me to keep it around $120.


Many of the adults I am working with would like something the scouts could control with their smart phones, but this is not a requirement.


Any ideas or sugjestions would be greatly apreciatted.



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Hi wkinne..  done with bees &

Hi wkinne..  done with bees & work work ? :)

Ya hexapod would be very fun - I'm sure we could make it work over the phone.. 

You might want to check out kmc's ROFI project - 
He'd have a lot of details already..

Welcome back

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kmc'c robot is sweet, does it run on MyRobotLab? If so how does it do it with no cable going to a PC? I thought that was required?

Working it over the phone would be boss and make the hex-a-pod a great project for the scouts, I assume movement could be done with python by me through trail and error?

I am still working : (

but it has slowed down  : )

I am going to start repringing InMoov in ABS, the PLA has losened up over time and abuse lol (the shoulders mostly)



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does it run on

does it run on MyRobotLab? 

Not at the moment - but I believe it will .. kmc gerald is still working on it, although its a well established project -

If so how does it do it with no cable going to a PC?

MRL requires a computer to run - kmcgerald has several options - he can drive it from his computer using bluetooth and an Arduino with bluetooth module on the ROFI, Or he could put a raspi on the bot itself with a wifi dongle - that would allow him to drive it from his phone or another computer 

Cables are not required to have MRL control things

Same thing with the hexa-pod - if it has a raspi - its readily controllable by phone or computer ...



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So MyRobotLab will run on a Raspi? And then no need for an Arduino?



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Yes, but you would need

Yes, but you would need something like this  - - it can drive up 16 servos (if you have enough power)

The BeagleBoard Black I believe can drive a servo directly from one of its PWM pins - I think the BeaglBoard was designed with more intent on interfacing other small devices (like servos).

I believe kmcgerald has gotten MRL to run on the BeagleBoard .. I have one too, but I borked it by running out of space and I haven't tried to fix it yet (too many other projects on my plate)

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InMoov Head

I am now pushing for each Scout to make an InMoov Head. I have total costs at about $160 so it is within my budget, I have also contacted HobbKing for a discount on the servo's for such a large order and my filament supplier.


I hope I don't wear out my printer lol


I would design a stand for the head, it would be so cool! Each Scout would go home with a moving, talking InMoov head! I would teach them to program conversations in Python on MyRobotLab, I think this would be supper cool!


This is a Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Camp inside of a non-High Adventure camp, so about 600 Scouts would be exposed to InMoov's head at our end of camp demo!


I am really pumped about this project. I am doing the printing free of charge so I hope Gael is ok with this. I also am a volunteer so I am not being paid to teach the class.



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Wow .. great idea ! This

Wow .. great idea !

This would be huge exposure..  let me know where I can help .. Ya Exciting !

How's your teeth doing?

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HC-05 Bluetooth

Hey GroG are you familure with this?


would it be an easy add in or no, would it work with MRL and a smart phone and a PC?




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Back in 10/12/2011

Back in 10/12/2011 -

They are not without problems..   You have to "pair" them .. the security can be a PITA on several operating systems.  But yes I have successfully used them with MRL.

They "look" like a serial port - and if you can correctly connect to them - they act like a serial port too.. which MRL can do....

Smart phone would work for a serial connection .. but the InMoov stuff "running" on a smart phone has not been tested ....

But we are always cutting edge no?

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bluetooth and power thoughts

Hi again Grog,

The BlueTooth would be for the Hex-A-Pod only, not the InMoov head, the powers that be have decided we should offer the boys both.

Another concern is how I would power the Arduino Mega, since I need to run 18 servo's it is prolly my best choice? I want to use MRL if possable since I know how to use it somewhat ;-P

A 6 volt 4.5 AH battery will fit into the space I have but the Ardiuno requires a minimum of 7 volts. So a second battery? That would stink, can you think of better options? 

I found a hex-a-pod concept design that is requiring me to do a lot of moddifications in blender, learning new tricks is hard for this old dog lol

But I really could use your input on Hex-A-Pod control, if I use MRL I am confident I can teach the Scouts to write python so they can make it dance, run, walk, lift its head, stuff like that.


Thanks again for all you do,


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Oddbot is an exceptional

Oddbot is an exceptional electronics engineer.  Here is some of the details of a similar project he did - 

Project Chopstick

A   seems to be a popular choice to drive the system.

Feel free to donate ! 

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This Oddbot could be the answer to my hex-a-pod problems, but I do not see his sample software he speaks of.

What am I not seeing?



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Google-Fu - Found his

Google-Fu - Found his software here

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you da man!

Thanks again GroG, this looks perfect, it uses 3 servo's per leg and works without cables to a PC.

When I get one running I will bug you for BlueTooth help ;-P


cash is tight but I will be donating when people decide to pay me ;-P ( the only drawback to being self employed )



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Here is a picture of the ABS head and one leg to the Hex-A-Pod, the Hex-A-Pod is going to be much bigger than I thought. But the Thingiverse one I am redoing is way too small, using very small servo's and it had no room for electronics.

Resizing the Hex-A-Pod has been very time consuming, but it looks like it is totally going to be worth it.

Here is the Thingiverse link..








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Looks great wkinne !  I can

Looks great wkinne !  I can imagine the boy scout's eyes lighting up :)

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this should be a blast

I just have to have it working in time lol

I hope mid July is enough time.

The Ant will be like three feet long and over two feet wide, I think the Scouts will freek -P



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After printing the first body part over night I can see that the spider wont be as long as I thought, an updated estament is now about 2' X 2' which is much more managable.


Printing the body is close to the sze limits of my printer, it is provung to be a test of will ;-P

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Hex-A-Pod photos

Well here is my start:




Printed in ABS I had on hand so not color cordinated ;-P

I am concerned with battery life, not sure how long a 2800 mAh will last.

Also buying a wireless PS2 controler, I have found several libraries to try.

I may still have to widen the main body a little to make more room for electronics, I really hate the idea of mounting a bird nest on top of such a sweet looking robot ;-P



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Wireless PS2 to Arduino success!


I got it working! My $12.99 PS2 wireless clone talks to my Arduino Mega!

Bill Poter @ has a PS2 library that does all the work, very sweet!

You should borg it into MRL GroG, I had to add a attemp loop and a delay(50) and BAM!

while(attempts<25) { //loop around until a PS2 controller is found or we've attempted 25 times
error = ps2x.config_gamepad(13,11,10,12, false, false);   //setup pins and settings:  GamePad(clock, command, attention, data, Pressures?, Rumble?) check for error
if((error==0)||(error==3)) attempts=26; //PS2 controller was found, or found with pressure disabled so we'll get out of this WHILE loop 
 error = ps2x.config_gamepad(13,11,10,12, true, true);   //setup pins and settings:  GamePad(clock, command, attention, data, Pressures?, Rumble?) check for error
I am very excited to have this working!
It was not working so I added the Serial.println(attemts); just to make sure it was trying 25 times and the delay(50); so I could watch the attemts. It was way to fast of course but it found my PS2 wireless controller!
The library is named PS2X_lib and is found at
I bought this controller: