Boston Hack-A-Day meetup

So, I saw on hack-a-day that there was going to be a meetup at the Artist Asylum here in Boston.  I wasn't even aware of any maker spaces around here, so I just had to go check it out.  Awesome times, lots of cool projects, including.. yes..  a hover board... 


Harry, the InMoov meet a new friend.  "Plastic Man"  .. Plastic man was 3D printed using a 3Doodler!  Even R2D2 was hanging out!



Plastic Man was created by the people at the following link, for those interested to learn a bit more.



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Cool kwatters !  Represent

Cool kwatters !  Represent o/ 

Lloyd looks right at home with cousin Plastic Man.. R2D2 Tesla and uber neo magnets capable of decapitation .. this is our tribe !

Thanks for sharing !

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Cool, I like that squeleton

Cool, I like that squeleton robot!