Bluesun "Wifi'o'Scope" - ESP8266 enabled

Finding the SVG details opens up a whole new jar of grubs, means that the tiny ESP8266 can grow its own display unit.

Just the Juicy HTML Gui bits

void drawGraph() {
    String out = "";         //  start with a clean sheet
  int y2;
    char temp[100];
     out += "<svg xmlns=\"\" version=\"1.1\" width=\"1000\" height=\"800\">\n";
     out += "<g stroke=\"black\">\n";                                                       // create the graphics arena

     out += "<circle cx=\"150\" cy=\"150\" r=\"100\"  fill=\"rgb(160,160,250)\" />\n";  // the blue sun
  int y = 5;
     for (int x = 10; x < 990; x+= 10) {

          y2 = analogRead(A0);     //  the Oscope analog  , quite boring actually
         sprintf(temp, "<line x1=\"%d\" y1=\"%d\" x2=\"%d\" y2=\"%d\" stroke-width=\"3\" />\n", x, 500 - y, x + 10, 500 - y2);
         out += temp;                             // and set up SVG graphic in buffer
         y = y2;

    out += "</g>\n</svg>\n";                 // before presenting the SVG graphic to the world.

    server.send ( 200, "image/svg+xml", out);

Immediate plans are to create a simple 3D printed oscilloscope probe.... and where ever your probe goes your phone will go and display the data too ...remote or otherwise... with logging too. 

Compatable modules ESP8266 series -07 and -12 have the adc input...