Shiver me timbers! Azul got in me spinach patch and its right hand went wild. Grew “springs” on back of hand, kind of like hair. This is Gael's hand/arm with a minor change. Wrist servo motor moved to back by elbow, so now all finger servo motors are on shelf that turns with hand. Lower arm added 1 inch in length and does not have the nice arm shape that Gael designed. Arm/hand has a total of 7 servo motors, two for double action thumb. Six are on the platform that spins. The key is the slip ring assembly from Adafruit (SRC022), which has 12 wires. Eight wires for servos, so I have 4 wires left unused. One will be for a limit switch to mark/show position of wrist (home position), the other 3 for finger pressure sensors. The springs on the back of hand open the fingers, so fishing lines do not have to come back into servo wheels, leaving more room for sensor wires. I have not mounted the new hand on Azul, yet. Still a work in progress.


5 years 8 months ago

great work This is really interesting.

Have you got the stl files for downloading ?


The arm assembly is not all 3d printed. I bought a BossLaser cutter at the beginning of the month and so some of the parts are cut out of plexi-glass with the laser. It is much faster for revisions than 3D printing. I would be happy to share the design. The laser cut files are in dxf format as that is what the laser cutter wants (only 2D). The design was down in Inventor, so all the solid files are ipt format. I have been working on this for a couple of months. The design is not "polished" like Gael's designs.

 Do you still want them? I have a parts list that I just did but can not figure out how to list it here. Done in excel and saved as a pdf and jpg but gets messed up when I try to paste it.