Bhouston's InMoov

Check out the cool video bhouston did..  Great Build !   We might reconsider Victory geture to be renamed Bird :)

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Great Build

That is a great looking build. I'm guessing that slow finger might be a twisted "tendon" somewhere in the hand. Unless you know it is a servo issue. 

I think we might want to change the wrist rotation on the Victory so the hand faces the other way. When I worked out the servo positions I just had the hand/forearm built and wasn't thinking about the wrist rotation. Now that I see the arm mounted, it needs to be adjusted. Then teh slow finger won't look so much like the Bird.  :)

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The bird finger, has another

The bird finger, has another reason KMC, the speeds set on the previous gesture. The gesture "perfect" has a slow speed set for the index, when invoking "victory" afterwards, the index speed is not reset because I didn't set the speed line in the gesture. A little personal touch, implemented in the default gestures. :)

If Bob would use "rest" before "Victory" it would fine.

Now about the rotation of the wrist, there is two problem, I never tried to solve yet.

1-The left and right arms use servos which are not modified concerning their rotation clock. Which means they both turn the say way, logically they should have a mirror rotation.

2-I haven't made a calibration set up, which means my assembly won't be the same as the one of Bob. If Bob had turned is wrist a quart anticlock during his assembly, the "Victory" sign would face the camera.

I'm guessing the first problem could be fixed programmatically,( it would mean all the gestures I have created wouldn't work anymore )

The second problem, I haven't looked for a solution yet.


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Another InMoov clone, and a

Another InMoov clone, and a very well printed one , I would say.

Bob has been printing and building it in a very short time , actually.