life is good when you can turn at the waist


7 years 5 months ago

Nice work Harland, I am also working on that DoF with files I found on Thingiverse - thing:847410 by aandrejj. Is that what you used?


7 years 5 months ago

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No I did not use that.  I put more details on the Inmoov form of the build. I only designed/changed a few parts. You would be welcome to the STL files or the solid files I made. Using bearings in the race at the bottom of the upper stomach makes it turn very easy.

I liked your neck modification and printed the parts. I plan on adding it on Azul. My ball and socket parts for you design are not very loose. Last night I heated up acetone to 100 degrees C and hung the parts in the vapor which smoothed them out.  Which helped some.

Did you post the software to move the head/neck sideways?

Yes, the parts do fit tight, a light sanding on the Ball joints will help them fit better. No I did not post any scripts. I would like to get your files for the waist rotation if you are into sharing them. Maybe post them on thingiverse under InMoov and/or send them to me at