azul got sick, needs meds

Azul developed a problem when running mrl ver. 1.0.119.  Any ear.addCommand  with i01.getName() does not work.  Example ear.addCommand("da vinci", i01.getName(), "daVinci").

 Azul repeats the command and I say “ yes” but nothing happens.  Can someone shed “light” on this? Or has anyone else noticed this?


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I don't see a noWorky log

I don't see a noWorky log file form you ..

the last noWorky I see is version 116 !

109  [main] INFO  class org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime  - version [1.0.116]
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i sent a noworky

I would think other people would be having this problem. This code worked on an eariler release of mrl


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Does it work now with

Does it work now with kwatter's adjustments?


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still does not work

i downloaded code Kev put in my folder yesterday and tested this morning.  it does the same thing.  Give command, azul repeats command, I say yes   and nothing happens.


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new error message?

Hey John,

  send a new no-worky.  Things "seemed" like they were working for me with those changes, but maybe I missed something.  I'm curious if there's any error message in the logs, or maybe something is going on with the confirmation...


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sent 2nd no worky

So I am running Gael's mrl routine with several changes.   PIR working, middle stomach

Still no "ear getName" command works.

I tried arms front, arms up, da vinci.  no worky,  Azul does nothing, maybe wants to be paid, or go on holiday

python commands like relax, perfect, show your muscles      all work

thanks kev for trying

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no movements


got similar problems - not always but frequent. With Versioin 1.0.119 it looks like sometimes the servos are shown as connected in the tabs but you need to detach/attach them manually to make them actually work.

I also encounter cases where the arduino connection does not work - so my left side and head will not work.

So it is a lot of rebooting and restarting mrl until a correct initialization is in place