Audiofile + mouthcontrol

Hi !  is it possible to add option to use mouthcontrol with audiofile ( as a parameter like playfile(string,Mouthcontrol(0/1) ) ?

Usefull to lauch something like this :

So no need to replace TTS mp3. And it can worky if we use MaryTTS.

Thank a lot

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You should have access to

You should have access to AudioFile directly ?

if not you can get access ..

audioFile = Runtime.getService({audioFileName});


Or did I misunderstand your question moz4r ?


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Gael want the jaw move while

Gael want the jaw move while c3po speaking :) . c3po is a custom mp3.
So usualy, he replace a cached natural mp3 by a custom mp3.
It is a little hack of natural.

I was thinking of something cleaner and universal : activate mouthcontrol with audiofile ( as an option ).

OnStartPlayin > mouthcontrolstart
OnStopPlayin > mouthcontrolstop



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The cleanest way (and long

The cleanest way (and long overdue) - it to use DigitalSignalProcessing listen to the speaker line and generate events which MouthControl consumes.

For clarity you want a substitution of mp3 for text..

such that when :

mouth.onSpeakPlay("say 3cpo", "cp30.mp3);

so next time ...

mouth.speak("say 3cpo")  .. the mp3 file is played ?

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mmm I like

mmm I like mouth.onSpeakPlay("say 3cpo", "cp30.mp3) !
This can worky too with marytts ? because mary don't use audiofile

About DigitalSignalProcessing I totaly agree, personaly I use it from long time but with arduino code.
Time to test it with mrlcomm !
I think I can simply use a dynamical map to jaw. like today. just an idea.
After calibration.

At second time we need to standardize the audio signal don't you think ? because of differents levels of output lines.
And if we need hardware like : , better if a service java side service drive it.
A post will born soon I think !

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You can use Activator... It

You can use Activator... It can do that !!

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@dom I will open a new post

@dom I will open a new post about arround audio signal processing and hardware amplifier inside mrlcomm. To talk about.
It will be great if you add your knowledges to it !