audio signal sync not work

Hi Inmoov core team,

I update the latest build from myrobotlab. and want to use audio sync with mp3.

I change the following code true in " skeleton_head.config "

;this is optional direct mouthcontrol
;analog pin range are 14-18 on uno, 54-70 on mega

but it will not work anyway and also if we on this tab it will stop mouth servo working .

is there any other command i have to change.




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Hi ! first, I assume you are

Hi ! first, I assume you are using a uno board with sound output pluged to analog pin 1 ?

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Yes we are using uno with

Yes we are using uno with analog pin 1

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Ok, now you can

Ok, now you can open service_6_Arduino.config

and set


you need to change also ArefLeftArduino="INTERNAL

Can you check also the voltage from sound output ? this will correspond closest to Analog reference.

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Great Moz4r sir, It is

Great Moz4r sir,

It is working.

but i need how to tune it properly for to work only for voice. since servo  start with voice tone in mp3 and stop with voice tone but in between it work with music tone also.