Arduino service problem

can someone tell me what "cannot get device id for servo " means? or bad magicnumber 246 or unknown serial event 38.  I open up a new arduino and servo service ,connect the arduino to the correct port I've got MRLComm version 39 installed it lights up green sayin it is connected but doesnt work. I'm using version 1691 myrobotlab.I'm lost on this one,I've tried looking for the answer so now I'm asking for help,Thanks

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the messages mean that MRL

the messages mean that MRL could not talk properly with MRLComm

the reason are

Wrong MRLComm is uploaded to the arduino


the COM port is used by something else and MRL can't use it

If you send a no worky we can told you which of the problem you have

So be sure the right version of MRLComm sucessfully upload to your arduino, and that no other software can use the COM port (check for java zombie)

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No Worky

I sent a no worky but I'm not sure if it sent.The screen just kept saying sending.... Is it supposed to give me a confirmation or no?

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Unleash the kracken

Ok. The build you have is old and it was a development build. We recently released a stable build. Update to the latest released build that we called the kraken. I believe it's version 1.0.1723 ... It's available on the official download link. (You are welcome to try the latest build.). In any event, you always should update the Arduino s with the mrlcomm that came with that build. This will likely fix your problem.

Good luck!

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Up and Running

Thanks so much for the assist. I can finally control a servo with my arduino.Had to update the MRL like you said and also the arduino IDE.I'm usuing Ubuntu 16.10 and the default IDE is really old, so now everything is updated and ready to go. I have to say I was skeptical that I would be able to use this platform since I only know a little bit about programming, but I love robots and want to finally build my own and you guys have really made things alot easier to learn and alot friendlier than some of the sites I've dealt with..So again I thank you for the quick turn around and all the help I've had and will continue to need,