I was trying to test the arduino service in 14.7 today but had a problem. When I right clicked the service, it said to downlaod it. After downloading, it has some kind of error because it said I would have to download it again. I. Get this same erros each time I attempt to create an arduino service (even after resterting MRL) I also attempted running update.bat but it literally did nothing. If needed I can give more info on the error and what happens wheni run update.bat from the command line tomorrow. I will also test it on both linux and mac and update you on if those work.


10 years 6 months ago

Hi morrows_end,

Yep, unfortunately, the Arduino editor changes got caught up with the 14.7 release.  I'm guessing you got this error message 

Which is the Arduino editor not finding preferences and hardware files...

It's fixed in 14.8  ... I should be able to post it in a couple hours

Its posted.  I've fixed a bunch of upgrading bugs.  The Arduino "should" load now, besides the RXTXComm dependencies, it will download a package depending on your operating system.  The windows package is 30 Megs and the Linux is 5 Megs ... I don't have a Mac package ready at the moment.  The windows one is so large because it has a lot of cygwin dependencies to run the avr-gcc cross-compile.

Some of the details are on the release notes - http://myrobotlab.org/releasenotes

There are still some Arduino IDE issues, but it should not exit the program like it did previously...


10 years 6 months ago

I'm getting the exact same issue in 14.8. Not sure where to go from here.

Because the Arduino IDE is not part of the original Service dependency list - it first needs to be installed.  

After its installed you have to check for updates.

System->Update->Check for Updates

Give it a second and it should look like this..

Right-click - select upgrade

On windows this is a 30 Meg download - I have the 5 Meg package for Linux, but have not tested it..

30 Megs takes a while :P ... at least with my internet connection

After restart you should be able to load an Arduino service - 

Heh, I got this when loading which is a update check from the Arduino IDE - of course its not applicable as it's been hacked to little bitty pieces....

I'll take it out next release - and add the packages as part of the original Service dependency list so there is no need to upgrade...  

Let me know how it goes, and what OS your working with.