Arduino reset and serial I/O errors

    Well I am slowly but surely getting my InMoov hand built.  I am having an issue however with MyRobotLab.  I am looking right now just to validate that I can move and control all my servos before I mount everything in the forearm.
This is a follow-up to a Grog-no-worky I sent in last night.
I have an Arduino Uno and have it plugged into my laptop and an external power supply.
What happens is that what seems almost random something resets the usb port, I can't tell but it looks like the Arduino resetting.
I am running the script.
If I have 3 or more servos this will happen usually before the system check completes.
If I have two or less most of the time it will start up ok but sometimes resets.
When it does work I can sometimes get manual mode to work but generally it will hang after a period.
The same thing happens if I just run the Arduino and a servo service manually.   It is similar to another
problem I saw on the InMoove forum where it said that moving the slider fast caused hangs.
It looks like some sort of serial overflow but it is hard to tell.  I have played around with various baud rates on the port from control panel and within the MRLComm.ino to no avail - all show the same symptoms.
So I am attaching my logs and my script.
I am looking for any help anyone can provide on this.
PS - On side note it would be useful if the forum allow .log files to be uploaded.
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Hi bytemedweb...i think that

Hi bytemedweb...i think that your arduino resets because of the current required by servos is too much high... Arduino can provide only a little current (also if arduino is supplyed by external current) and so, if the current is higher than a prefixed value, it resets or better reboot to protect himself...

It depends by servos kind, how many servos you can hook up directly to arduino...( my arduino with only 2 servos running , reset :( )

There are 2 solutions :

  • low the current using a diode or a resistor (bad solution, valid only if you run a couple of servos)
  • connect servos to an external power supply ( battery pack of 4 AA battery for example) : so the wiring for servos would be ( PWM connected to arduino, red wire (+) connected to the (+) of battery pack, and black wire (- or ground) connected both to (-) of battery pack and Gnd of ARDUINO !!!!!! ( PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POINT : IF YOU DON'T CONNECT TOGHETER GND OF ARDUINO AND (-) OF BATTERY PACK SERVOS WILL NOT MOVE)

Let us know if this works for you

Best regards

P.S. welcome in MRL :D


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Oh... A third solution could

Oh... A third solution could be to Connect (+) of servo to Vin of Arduino Will provide full current to servo bypassing arduino security current check... But the second solution is the best in term of arduino security

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Hello and Welcome bytemedwb

Hello and Welcome bytemedwb !

Ya under power is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL !!  Gael went through this several times - at one point he got power-supplies which although "external" still did not have enough power to satisfy all his servo requirements.

Here is a Fritzing example I found on the web which shows how to wire a couple of servos with an external power supply.

PS.  I'm still looking for the posting .log's 

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Yay ...

finally found where to change to allow .log files ... FIXED !

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Thanks for the responses

Thanks everyone - I was wondering if it was power related.   I honestly thought that with the external power supply the Arduino would be able to provide enough juice.   Learn something new everyday.

Now I just need to get things rewired.


And Grog - thanks for the change to allow log files.


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Ya ! excited to see your

Ya !

excited to see your progress .. And great avatar !!! ... you have gradated from scared gopher !

scared gopher

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I feel stupid

Face Palm.

I had hooked the server power to the 5V on the Adruino.  When I moved it over to the Voltage in line everything worked like a champ.