Arduino pin reading - improved

Increased "real" hardware serial porting reading 50% when reading and 95% when idle.
Here you can see reading 5 traces from a real Arduino Mega uses only 37.7% cpu (previously 100+%)



Servo Properties expanded - all will be also editable, if you want to be "expert"-level hacker


Nifty thing to see the currently attached servos on this Arduino - has the MrlComm device ids too

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Thanks for the pretty

Thanks for the pretty pictures, it looks very promising!

No enable, disable button in servo?  I use that a lot though...

min max input and min max output on the same line? How does that work?

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There is an "enable pin"

There is an "enable pin" button, that's how its always been in the webgui, but I'll shorten it to "enable".
I'll review the swing gui and add "more stuff"  .. this is just a preview ;)

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Nice work :-)   I've dug through that code so much i can be called a pinhead lol