Arduino not found by MRL using OSX

I have a problem using MRL with my MAC. After installing MPL and inMoov I wanted to test the finger, but I only get the choices for the serial port and get no choices for the board. Using a Windows PC the system is running but not with OSX.

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Hello And Welcome Bodo

We are blind without a "No-Worky" which sends a log file to our crack team of monkeys.

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Fellow Mac User

Bodo, it sounds like you're trying to do the upload step in the tutorial on the Mac. 

The embedded Arduino IDE in MRL is messed up on OS X.  The simple solution is to open a normal Arduino IDE outside of MRL, upload the sketch and then continue on with the Finger Tutorial. 

A common point of confusion for new users is that you only have to upload the sketch to the Arduino the first time (if you already did this on Windows, you don't have to do it again on OS X).

I have successfully completed the finger tutorial on a Mac with no Windows or Linux intervention.  :) I also have a completed InMoov hand/forearm that works with MRL on my Mac.  I used the same arduino from the finger tutorial and didn't have to change anything when moving from the finger to the hand.  The Arduino sketch is a pretty simple and generic interface between whatever is hooked on the Arduino Pins and what MRL wants to do with them.

I can try to help troubleshoot Mac specific problems and sanity check that things are broken on the Mac and "not just you". But like Grog said, a "No-worky" report helps the monkeys/elves/minions fix problems under the hood.  I'll warn you now that I've never gotten OpenCV stuff inside MRL to work on a Mac. Grog is working on upgrading the version of OpenCV that MRL uses and his source of OpenCV libraries compiled for OS X will change in the upgrade so we might luck out.

Whenever you can test things between Windows and OS X, it will be a great help to the MRL community. Right now I don't have a Windows or Linux computer to use with MRL so I'm stuck fighting with OS X.

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kmcgerald, many thanks for

kmcgerald, many thanks for your help. Now it's really working. I uploaded the sketch with the arduino software  and now MRL is working fine. Only the board feature in not visible, but setting the serial port is enough.

Now the printer is warming up for the complete right hand, my next step.

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No problem

Glad I could help. Let me know if you run into any issues with the full hand.  I built one too. Take some time to look at the various upgrades/changes that have been made because I printed some parts that I later found replacements for.  Like the wrist part with a channel for the servo cable. I had to slice the strain relief off one of my MG996R servos so it would bend down enough to get into the wrist.

Also the smaller gear in the wrist has some recent replacements. I was going to reprint mine with a 5mm brim and leave the brim on so the big gear wouldn't slide down into the arm when trying to mount the hand on it but I have seen a new version someone made of the gear to solve the same problem.

Think about the thumb that moves in two directions too. I'm going to make one to add to my hand and then nag Grog to get the software working with it.  :)