Arduino Digital Pin Debounce And Digital Trigger



Implemented digital pin debounce based on this . It puts in a 50 ms wait after a state change on a digital line.  Needs testing. 

It should help with encoders, bumpers, and other bouncy switches although remember boys & girls, you should always try to clean your signal at the source :)

Digital Trigger Only

When selected an polling a line an event is raised only when the state changes.  Encoders & bumpers would be better served using this selection. Typically this promote less chatty communication.

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Test Counter. . .

Here's a quick and dirty counter Greg did in Python to test the bumper switch debouncer.

arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino","Arduino")

def input():
    print 'new pin data '
    print 'pin data is ',[0]

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This is how it should

This is how it should look....

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Here's the latest - debounce

Here's the latest - debounce off and trigger on - with me moving a bouncy wire from 5v->gnd->5v-> etc...

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Woohoo - debounced &

Woohoo - debounced & triggered - dat'z the shiznit !