any does the file to run opencv in raspi 2? [SOLVED]

any does the files to run service opencv in raspberry 2?

if any have please send it to me by email:

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Hi mecax... we run javacv in

Hi mecax... we run javacv in myrobotlab...

You would be interested in following this post, where another user is trying to get it working :

If you want to try with latest version :

1) delete the old myrobotlab folder where you installed it

2) delte the .repo folder which is in the main folder of your raspi ( if you can t see it, use ls -a command )

3) you should follow this till step 5 of this guide, it will install the opencv dependencies, like if you are going to recompile it, but you 'll stop at step 5 :

4) make a new, shiny folder and put the "latest jar" in :

5) install opencv service using runtime tab

6) Run it and hit the capture button


Hope it helps, let us know


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yes, it works perfect

yes, it works perfect, thanks alessandro

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Nice! It was an easy fix!

Nice! It was an easy fix!