Another Pan and Tilt ready for action...

Hey all! Here's another Pan and Tilt armed with one of the cheap cameras Grog and I bought. I must say the cameras color reproduction is terrible. Might be OK for basic experimentation though... The aluminum brackets are from eBay, and cost $10.00. Didnt have time to build anything special, and I am concentrating most of my time on InMoov right now, but MRL is the greatest and I want to do all I can to help.

Ready to point at a "Playpen" area, once I have a better understanding of MRL, and interface this with an Arduino. I am really looking foward to helping GroG build a better MRL. This, in turn, will build a better InMoov Android. Consider offering to help when you can, as your robotics project will surely reap the rewards too. The futures so bright, we gotta wear shades!  :-)

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GroG's picture

Lookin Great Nomasfilms !

What enthusiasm!  
At some point we are going to have all these pan/tilt kits processing video data and pushing communal memory into the cloud - Group computer vision learning - goodtimes !

Don't worry about poor quaility color.  I call some things brown, which my wife calls red.. it's pretty subjective ;)

I assume your waiting for the Arduino ?

Is MRL working in that you can get OpenCV running with a video feed?


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Nope, I have TWO arduinos

Nope, I have TWO arduinos now. All I need is time. Video feed with OCV is fine after applying Pyramid Down filter. What I dont have is Arduino experience. I have written one sketch in my blinks SOS when I apply power...   ;-)

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I believe a "basic" tutorial

I believe a "basic" tutorial is needed, because you really don't need to have Arduino experience.  At least you don't need experience in writing a sketch.

MRL requires its own sketch which comes pre-loaded in the Arduino service editor.

You should be good just to hit compile, upload & connect.

Didn't you watch Alessandruino's video ? ;)

(We need an English version)

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Yah think? ;-)  Yes, I

Yah think? ;-)  Yes, I watched the tutorial...that's how I know Arduino sounds sexy in Italian! As for using MRL with servos...not so much. Wiring diagram, stuff like that...