android Speech Recognition with programAB without webgui

Hello Firends ,

Any idea on how to get android Speech Recognition work with programAB without webgui ?



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Hi bjone and Welcome, Why the

Hi bjone and Welcome,

Why the requirement not to have webgui ?

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Thank you GroG for you

Thank you GroG for you reply 

the webgui is slowing down my raspi 

i want to use the android speech reco without webgui, any possible solution to add a listner ?

i got error when trying to use : 

XXX.addListener("recognized",, "heard", String().getClass())
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WebGui is required for

WebGui is required for AndroidSpeechRecognition

The reason is WebGui can process regular http or websocket (ws) requests.

But there is a big list of stuff NOT required to run AndroidSpeechRecognition

Here are some things which might be draining your RasPi's resources :

  • Browser - a browser is not required to run on the raspi
  • DeskTop - a desktop / X-windows / window manager is not required - you could be running headless


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Hi guys ! this is a fresh

Hi guys ! this is a fresh manticore test ( careful line 21, "python" is the name of your python instance )

AndroidSpeechRecognizer client just updated for better offline recognition as bonus .


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Dear moz4r, Thank you for

Dear moz4r,

Thank you for your help, it's working like a charm :) :)