amby is back

hello everybody

it is a long time i dont give us some news

it is because i am working about my robot

always with a little cardboard my favorite thing

now i have a 3d printer so i mixte half cardboard and abs with the body inmoov and i build some pieces and i take some pieces from inmoov

so i am french so if some poeple are french for help me programming that is nice

i have always a nice friends here help me 

now my next work is programmation 4 motors dc with arduino

and i never do that never never

so excuse me if i dont understand anything



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Verry verry nice Amby

Verry verry nice Amby

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That looks like a creature out of 9

Very impressive I would love to see some video of this moving.

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hello wow you can see my blog

hello wow

you can see my blog here