After download -Error by starting

OK, what's wrong? Please a little help Thanks, Rick

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Hello ricoldw

Do you have Java 1.7 ? 

An easy way to tell is in a cmd shell type java -version 

This is what I get

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Installed again, doesn't work

I removed all versions of Java

Then I installed Java 1.7.40 (64 bit)

Restarted the computer and got THIS!!!!


Alessandruino's picture installed java 6... installed java 6... install this one  :

 Java SE Development Kit 7u40

 chosse your operative system


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You did not remove

You did not remove version of Java .. says so right there ;)

The way the operating system works is that it scans through your PATH enironment variable - which is a list of directories - to find the first "java.exe" to execute...

Well, somehwere on your system the java.exe version 1.6.0_18.  is before 1.7 

So you have 2 options .. really remove all Java 1.6 or change your PATH environment variable to have the 1.7 path first  (see video in my other comment)

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Your path probably goes to

Your path probably goes to Java 1.6 first - 

Look at this video - it shows him adding the jdk 1.7 onto the path... I would put it at the beginning and not the end like he did.

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It's working!!!!

Ok,  JAVA 1.7.40 (64 bit)  goes standard to the directory c:\Program FilesjJava\jre7 and the older JAVA version was placed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6


Thanx for giving advice!!!



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Yay !

You are no longer scared gopher !   

You can change your avatar !

Yay !

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Resolvi o problema alterando

Resolvi o problema alterando o arquivo myrobotlab.bat da seguinte maneira:
set PATH=%CD%\libraries\native\;%CD%\libraries\native\;%PATH%
start javaw -Djava.library.path="libraries/native/;libraries/native/"  -cp "libraries/jar/*;libraries/jar/*;libraries/jar/*;" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -service gui GUIService python Python 
set PATH=%CD%\libraries\jar;%PATH%
start javaw -Djava.library.path="libraries/jar"  -cp "libraries/jar/*;" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -service gui GUIService python Python 
Executei o arquivo myrobotlab.bat e fui na aba runtime e instalei os modulos e depois executei o arquivo 
myrobotlab.bat original.
Espero ter ajudado.