Advanced head bob mech Update

Hi all.  The movements have been finalized on the head bobbing mech.  Click MORE below to see the new video.   Spawn says that the running a script on the servos using the "servo" service makes the servos jitter during movement unless you use the -1 speed setting. Due to the weight of the skull (which will be added soon), he didnt want to burn out his servos using that speed setting.  Here is a look at the full movments before the rest of the skull is attached.   Any suggestions on fixing the servo jitter would be appreciated    


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Whenever I hear "jitter"  I

Whenever I hear "jitter"  I think :

  • more power - make sure electronics nor motors are starved
  • seperate motor power from electronics - (keep the signal clean)
  • put a couple caps on your grounds - filtering caps are a good thing
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Great progress! Interesting

Great progress! Interesting head movement!!

Jittering servo is often related to poor power source ( too low Amps).

When you exceed more than 3 to 4 servo on a breedboard, the servos can start to jitter because the breedboard can not supply enough Amps flow through it's connections.

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Did you see the newest video

Did you see the newest video Gael? Spawn attached the lower skull, back skull, eye mech, and jaw mech to show off the head bob movements