3D Printer Build

I thought you guys might like to see the distraction that has kept me away from my MRL project for the last few months. I built a RepRap 3D printer and began modifying it. Here are some pics. 

This was the basic pritner kit I bought. 


This was the printer after the first round of self printed upgrades. 

I decided to keep the pritner in the garage so I needed some method to keep the tempatures stable. I decided to build an enclosure. 

And here is the finished product. Now most of my electronics equipment and my 3D print material is contained in this simple roller chest. 


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Wow BrotherB, Great Build,

Wow BrotherB,

Great Build, looking at the first couple pictures I thought he pimped it out nice, 

looking at the last picture, "He Built A Cadillac !" 

Brilliant re-use !

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What happened to your

What happened to your pictures BrotherBrown ?

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nice enclosure


   I like what you done there,  keep the whole setup compact and mobile.  with an heat camber like that am guessing you not having a issues keeping ABS from delimanting.