1723 Kraken, Maryspeech test

Reverted back to 1723 and testing Maryspeech. Having fun integrating the neopixels into the gestures files. I set the one in the head to signal different events. In this case green for face tracking.




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Well done .. very responsive

Well done .. very responsive .. excellet demonstration !

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Is your InMoov's base the base of an old desk chair???

I had thought about that as an option and depending on the chair base you should be able to adjust his height with it as well.

Also awesome demo. Always love to see a good MarySpeech demo!



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Thanks guys, Grog remember

Thanks guys,

Grog remember when you help in the shoutbox along with others it makes this all possible.


Yes that is a chair base I use. Easy to roll him around. I cut the top off and welded on a 1.75" pipe. 

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vey cool,,, nice demo,,, good

vey cool,,, nice demo,,, good to see inmoov in action,,,, im still grinding away with mechanical mod work so this is good inspiration for me,,,, keep em coming

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You can see my mapping is off

You can see my mapping is off in thhe Divinci pose. I will have to change that now that I am putting the neopixel comands in the gesture files.