Arduino - probably the most popular, inexpensive microcontroller

VirtualWire - rock solid transmission of data over monolithic radio modules <<link>> .  Allow transmission and reception of data over any digital pin.  Does not use the serial UART, but creates one out of software (bit banging).  Resources used <Timers> Timer1 - max baud rate 2000 as there is checksum, preamble and other error checking.  Using pins 9 and 10 would conflict with virtualwire.


ServoTimer2 - is used pin 3 and 11 lose their PWM functionality on attaching the first servo.  The library does not take position information, rather you specify the timing of the pulses which equate to TimePulse X 10 + 544 = pos of servo in degrees.  I have been very frustrated in using this with VirtualWire.  I don't think they are supposed to conflict, but when I write near 90 for position of a continuous servo, the serial of virtualwire stops.