Cool ideas of things to add

Hello everyone
I want to run inverse kinematics service with Inmoov Virtual
So i try to use the service in this repo
But some service work and other not
And keep tell me "" Module not found "
I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 & python 3.8 and
I install python 2.7
But inverse kinematics service not working
Is anyone have a solution???
Thank you

Hello, enybody can explain me how the signals from MRL serial to Arduino is coded?
I am trying to decode but have no idea what method is used to code serial messages going to arduino.
Example from serial readings that:

I played a little with the Jetson Nano Hello Ai World demo. It's impressive how fast it all goes. Now I ask myself whether it is not possible to use the Jetson as a brain for object recognition, face recognition, etc. for Inmoov. Instead of using Opencv in myrobotlab, the various data from e.g. .detectnet etc. would be fed into myrobotlab by the Jetson.
Is that generally possible and how should something like this have to be set up?

Hi Guys,

the more i dive into robotics, the more i feel the need to use stepper motors.

Especially on the inmov head/neck it could be a cool option to remove the servo noises, also steppers are pretty cheap, thanks due to 3d printing massproduction :) Sure the code would need a lot of adjustment, and positioning is also a challange, end stops, hall sensors, but its fun! :)

I know this topic was there in the past already, whats the current situation, is it work in progress? 

Hey, guys! I haven't posted here in a while... but always taking a look at what's going on. I hope everyone is okay.

This is my latest project (mechDOG):




Been doing lots of tweaking while stuck at home but I figured this one might be worth sharing

I found that CALL ME * voice command would change the name in the existing profile before switching to the new/different one. I did lots of searching and did not find a similar commmand(Icould have missed it there is a lot to go through)

I didn't really want to edit the existing file as the aiml directory makes it easy to add your own. So I wrote this and put it in a file called switchuser.aiml

please i want to buy 3D printer, please which one is good SLA, FDM, SLS.
please someone should help me out with it

Bonjour a tous,
je reviens sur ce sujet pour utiliser le Kinect360 avec MyrobotLab sous linux ubuntu64.
J'ai un mrl qui tourne V1.0.2693 avec lequel tous fonctionne (bras torse reconnaissance vocal etc..), mais je n'arrive toujours pas a utiliser le kinect avec OPENNI.
J'ai installé drivers Kinect , NITE , OPENNI (V1 et V2), j'arrive avec les examples a utliiser le kinect et faire de la reconnaissance, mais pas dans MRL.