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file taken from C:\mrl\resource\Arduino\MrlComm

trying to verify MrlComm before uploading to Arduino gives this error message

What is my best option?


Compilation error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'ListNode<Device*>*' in return


I'm using Inmoov2 version 1.1.701 to test my hand servos.There is a GREEN bar and a BLUE bar that adjusts the 'input' and 'output lock (?)'.  I understand the orange 'rest' bars purpose but I don't understand the relationship between the input and output setpoints. Will you describe how to use these setpoints as a unit --- perhaps a finger example?

After install WebGUI fails to load correctly

I tried a restart of windows ........ no changes

I'm trying to use Windows Remote Connection but the same problem occurs using a direct connection.


win10-Pro / java version "17.0.1"  / myroborlab 1.1.820

Chrome tries to go to http://localhost:8888/#/tabs

reports -- 

briefly says sent no data then switches to

Can anyone show me where I can find information about how openCV is integrated in MRL?

I try to get openCV to run on Ubuntu 20.4. With manticore version when capturing a frame webgui freezes, no interaction is possible. With nixie, there is an error message "could not get valid frame".

Which version of the openCV libraries has to be  installed in the system? What python scripts for openCV come with the installation of MRL and where can I find them?

Thanks for any support


I have continued to work on the robot legs and have them 'static' walking

All the main support parts are made in aluminum 

Still using RoboClaw boards for driving the 10 motors, all motors have encoders

New all joints have angle sensors

I have a IMU on the platform and am using roll and pitch

power is from 3 LION 3.7 volt cells on the top back,  cells are from a hybrid car

I finally listened to Ray and have the weight on the top, inverted pendulum

Hi guys,

beside a screenshot of the opencv surface areas.
Can anyone give me explanations what these areas (blue) mean and which settings make which results ?
Hello again! I'm using the manticore version and I don't know how to make the inmoov talk physically(synchronized speech with mouth movement). I can talk to MarrySpeech via python in MRL. Are there any resources on this? The only video I could find:
(Version is different)

I would just like to say hello.

I have just started my printing of the InMoov Robot (eyes) and ordered some servo's