during many years i would like to build a robo Screenshotst and with many help i try it


11 years 5 months ago

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during many years i would like to build a robot bipede but i haven't a printer 3d so i try to build it so i am working my robot to put a servo motor inside head and i would like my heas follow with a webcam

but i dont know how i can do it

i dont know if your programme grog is not so big for me



11 years 5 months ago

We are experimenting with video Tracking now.

To do tracking you need :

  • a web cam
  • 2 servos
  • an Arduino
  • a computer

Do you have these things?  Have you ordered these things?

Your head does not look hindged, does it turn and tilt ?

Hey man you are great. This is yust great. If you want something you can get it. I woult love to see when you finish that project. Great. I realy didnt think this was possable.

O and my computer got strike by lightning. Now i must fix before i print hand. Thank jou so much for support.


thank you adolph

during i am a young boy i would like to have a robot bipede

my mission is to help the old pêople

and after i star gael build his inmoov and more professional like me

si i take some pieces about inmoov for my robot

now you can see more news here


my next projet is how understand for use myrobotlab and i hope everybody here can help me