downloaded and installed latest version 1.1.497

changed "service_5_Mouth.config" :


     VoiceName=Pavel    //  also tried    VoiceName=0    VoiceName="Microsoft Pavel - Russian (Russia)"

BUT recieved error:

15:01:46.555 [python] ERROR c.m.f.Service [Service.java:2038] i01.mouth error could not set voice Pavel - valid voices are


15:01:59.021 [python] WARN c.m.f.Service [Service.java:2055] i01.chatBot warn default <-> ru-RU session does not exist

installed voices:

E:\mrl\tts>tts -V
0 Microsoft Pavel - Russian (Russia)
1 Microsoft Mark - English (United States)
2 Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States)
3 Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States)
4 Microsoft Irina Desktop - Russian

When I change default voice "David" to "Pavel" in WebGUI the program start speaking correct

What is wrong? how to fix?





3 years 1 month ago

I just tested and get the same pb.
@Grog, it is not a config issue but maybe a problem with local speech not having the setVoice compatibility?
If I use MarySpeech it works fine during a config export, Mary tts voices are correctly exported while LocalSpeech doesn't export any voices.

Note to reproduce the error of Vall-E, I have done these tests with InMoov in Nixie, not with InMoov2.

Unfortunately MarySpeech has not russian voices :(


I want to see what commands are executed in WebGUI on the tab "i01.mouth" LocalSpeech when i change voice. 

When i choose correct voice the prigram works correctly.