good night congratulations for the excellent contributions is fantastic with myrobotlab and control intrefaces inmoov and Arduino I could manually control my robot servos but would like to control all the servos using a control routine I tried to use the recommended lines of code to activate the captureGesture without obtaining success seems that the code does not load not what happens Please I would like you to give me an example code only to move the servos and create different movements routines I have programmed my robot using arduino ide but I would like to use the system captureGesture also the code using python based is more practical and simpler than the simplified c arduino leguaje I would greatly appreciate to teach me how to program a routine and load it into my arduino is a video of my robot
and routine programming with the Arduino IDE:
Thanks and congratulations again excellent work awesome


10 years 6 months ago


Welcome Sonicaction
Very cool robot and video!!! Tell us more information about your hardware structure, like :
  • how many arduino boards do you use?
  • how many servos?
  • what is your pin configuration?
  • what you already succeed in doing?
we'll help you with your project !!!


10 years 6 months ago

Hello and Welcome Sonication !

You've made a great T-800 there !  Yes, I'd like to help you with gesture capture but in order to do so, we need to know about detailed information regarding the control of the servos. 

For example is it the same pin configuration as InMoov ?

Awesome !



10 years 6 months ago


thanks for your support your work is brilliant the opportunity to work with a graphical environment
with gesture capture is ideal to develop sketches movement routines quickly and very accurately
the robot works with arduino card uses a total of eight servos because I built the left arm I programmed with
the Arduino IDE using the library <VarSpeedServo.h>
pin settings:
1-head (left-right) = pin 2
2-head (up-down) = pin 3
3-right shoulder = pin4
4-bicep right = pin5
5-right = pin6
6-left shoulder = pin7
7-left bicep = pin8
8-hand = pin9
I used the program inmoov to control manually simply assigning pins to control elements created for inmoov for example with the ring finger control it manually the right hand of my robot closing and opening it
but I could not create the sketches for the routines


good night the robot has no cameras incorporated the electronic is formed by a card Arduino uno and a board for servos any other info you need I am to order greetings and thank you very much

Ok, thanks.  I was hoping that you did have a camera, because that is the part I'm currently working on, and it will take me several days to get to fixing up the InMoov service so that it can work with your T-800  .

I am glad you can connect MyRobotLab to your T-800 and apply some of the InMoov controls.  I would be very happy to assist you in getting gesture capture working with your fantastic robot, but it will take me several days to finish my other work.

Have you tried some of the other features of MyRobotLab, like speech or voice recognition?

Also, I was curious where you are from Sonication... From the video's comments, I suspect you are a native Spanish speaker?


good night I'm from Venezuela and sorry for my English honestly is not good ja ja ja...

thanks for your support I will be pending the project progress

again sorry my English

thanks and regards



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good morning
please I wanted to know if there were any improvement over my application I wonder if I have to disable some modules present in the inmoov GUI interface to control servos using sketches I think disabling the voice control modules and the visual monitoring system by placing only the control interface arduino and servos, you could get what I want but I need your help for this purpose
I hope your answer thanks

Hi sonication,
The InMoov service has changed much recently. The concept was that since InMoov has so many services, it would be nice to modularize them so parts can be easily brought up or removed without causing problems to other services.

InMoov has a new service page.  On it is a minimal script which just has the hands.  I'd like to use the InMoov service for your robot too.  But it needs a T-800 mode added to it since your fingers operate with a single servo.

InMoov is also safe (or tries) to be safe with the InMoov robot - InMoov has certain servo values which it should not exceed.  Is this the same with your T-800?  If so then you should tell me what those values are and I will put them in the service when it's in T-800 mode.  

The language barrier is difficult, and I appreciate the effort in your communication.  I think we will be able to get your T-800 working with MRL.

At this point, I am a little confused as to what parts are working (if any) and what parts are not working.  Can you try to ellaborate?

Thank You !


10 years 6 months ago

Could you do a video showing how far you get with the InMoov service?  Show things which work , and things you want to work, bu t dont?