Hello all,

Sorry for my bad english.

when i start in virtual Mode all is ok, but when i start the rigt Side the Error apairs.

I have a problem when starting mrl, when he open the  Java Page and try to run the Arduino Port, then it close

direct. I dont now wy. I install all new and it is the same. The Mrl.com i have allready load whitout any Problem. I can not send a noworky, the Page close and nothing else. When anybody can help my i can send the Log File here.


Regards Detlef

Detlef Dormann

3 years 11 months ago


the Error is fixed! On my System Windows 10 64x theJava 8.261 don't run this Java Vesion!

I install now the Version 8.202 and all working fine. I try a lot of things to solve this fouls but only this older

Java Version it works now. 

Regards Detlef