Hi Folks

new here, plugging away at my robot. Started up myrobotlab, maticore, 1.0.2693, ran into 2 issues

first issue, using a (cheep) bluetooth interface for the audio, there is a lag between the laptop issuing the vocals, as seen by the microphone icon in the web interface, and the actual audio coming out of the speakers. the end result is that the software catches the end of the vocals, as the microphome is switched back on, and uses it as input to convert back to text. Essentially the soiftwae is having a conversation with itself.  entertaining sometimes, anoying otherwise.

is there a way to set a delay before the microphone is switched back on?


second issue, the chatbot seems to hang, a little poking around it seems to choke on the ask.pannous.com link. Searching here I found 2 entries ackowledging the issue with ask.pannous. the inmoov site, via comments by Gael, 8 months ago, that it was back up. I seem to be unable to reach it tonite.

is there a way to prevent the software from trying to reach ask.pannous, is there an alternative website to go to, so as to have a more interactive conversation. without the chat service 'hanging'?


Thanks in advance


p.s. I currently named it Tobor, after an 1953 movie, Tobor the great, the chat bot keeps correcting to Tow Bar :)