I had to reduce kp, because 1 of the 2 servos is braking , and it vibrates..in this way servos are less responsive...


11 years 4 months ago

Nice Alessandruino !   It Works !

What were the values you ended up with for Kp Ki & Kd.?

What's next?

Kp = 10

ki = 0



but they are not finally.....i use that values because servos don't work well....and if they are too fast, they lose the point...

Next but new servos and try with template match and color matching :)

and build a 3d printer...:)


11 years 4 months ago

Sweeeet! Great work Alessandro, and thanks for the video! Now, tell us how you did it! ;-) 


11 years 4 months ago

But still consider myself a newbie regarding the subject..

The service link has some good references - http://myrobotlab.org/service/pid

One of which is this one - http://www.csimn.com/CSI_pages/PIDforDummies.html

This seemed like a good summary :


These 3 modes are used in different combinations:

P – Sometimes used

PI - Most often used

PID – Sometimes used

PD – rare as hen’s teeth but can be useful for controlling servomotors.

Your using P, but I wonder if PD might be better?
I don't know just some ideas..

Template & color are coming - but first Tracking will detect movement - then set an LKOptical point in the center of the "new" object.

When you stick your arm in to put in a "new" object - your arm is new too.. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this




Initially, I'm going to go with "Time"

I'm working on a state in Tracking - its the "Stabalized Foreground State" - It means objects are found, but their size and location is (more or less) stabalized to be "constant"

This establishes a context, where things are considered Objects Of Interest .

As an example of what I mean, you don't see the kiddies in this video screaming out HAND !  When the hand comes into view, but technically HAND ! is correct  :D