1. Make a directory like c:\mrl  (warning no spaces in the name)
2. download the latest myrobotlab.jar from latest build and put it in the new directory so it looks like this


3. Start a command shell, type  

cd c:\mrl 

then type

java -jar myrobotlab.jar

It takes a while the first time on a computer - its extracting pieces of itself. But eventually a gui should come up. It should look like this.  You want to flip over to the "runtime" tab and press the menu System->Install All

After the services install, you should not need to download the services again.  Even if you make a new MRL directory somewhere else to try a different version - the services won't need to be downloaded, but will be copied from the local repo .. this makes it very fast.



9 years 12 months ago

It's more usefull to make a shortcut than type each time java -jar myrobotlab.jar .

Under windows,  do a right click on myrobotlab.jar and choose "send to -> desktop(create a shortcut)"

After, do a right clic on the shortcut created on the desktop, and choose properties . next, add java -jar front of  "C:\MRL\myrobotlab.jar" in the line "target" to have this :  java -jar "C:\MRL\myrobotlab.jar" ( don't forget the quotes ! )

Now you have just to run MRL from the shortcut wink

This worked for me ...  The "real" target is java.exe - and you have to find where it is.  Mine is in C:\Windows\System32  (not a good place :P) - but usually it exists where you installed it.



9 years 1 month ago

How long does it need to install all the services? My computer takes hours and it hasn't finished yet.

Depends on the speed of your internet connection..   
This usually has to happen only once, even for subsequent versions of MRL, because they go into a local repository on your machine ...

Although you would have to go through the process of installing all services on a new version of MRL - it would see you have a local repository and use it - which should be fast.

Thanks for your reply.
My internet download speed is 15Mbps ( But my computer takes many hours to download 15Mb of content by MRL. Is there anyway to download by IDM and install services manually?

Perhaps its virus checking software scanning all the jar files ?

Hmm .. simple way ? ..

You could start buy downloading the whole repo .. 

unzip it all - scan for all jars - and dump them in the /libraries/jar file

for native files you would need to weed out your platform related files ... 

then go to the (install directory)/.myrobotlab/serviceData.json file and update all the
"installed": false to "installed": true

... far from optimum..

Dania Ghannam

6 years 3 months ago

after i downloaded all these things , what should  I do , I'm confuse , then How can I make my robot to activate with me !!?