Hi Guys. I tri to build Robots again but first i need MRL to work for play and test. So please tel me what do i do wrong. I have downgraded my Arduino software to get mrl.com loaded on it. I try every thing but When i connect comport to Arduino, my mrl program close and only web page stay open. What do i do wrong.


Please help.

Greetings Adolph


I have install java11 now. Same story. If i start MRL it starts without Web support now but also if i select my comport for Ardiuno it just close the mrl program ?


I got Manticore to start Trew your Split Java Method. 

But what is the method i use to run Nixie .

And stil no workie for connection to my Arduino . If i select my comport 6 it close Manticore Automatic. Why


How do i send no worky if program close before i do it ?

 Ok . I did not press connect but send no worky. Dont know if this will or can help



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It does help.
Your currently running Java 11 with Manticore which is not correct.

Java 8 & Manticore or
Java 11 & Nixie

I would prefer to assist you with Nixie.
It means you need to:

I have done exacly what you told me to do, Nixie is running with all serveces installed. 

Still no connection to my arduino uno or mega. Dont show the comport. I have send no worky again ?


Me Again

Any totorial on Program AB , in Nixie and with mouth control, lisener and speech reconition. Please


Ok . i tri to ask my question more sensible. How do i start a bot with mouth control , one servo, Listener and speak. Please. Need to play and test with Nixi.


Thank you 



Where are you in the list ?

  1. install Java 11
  2. Download latest Nixie
  3. new folder
  4. java -jar myrobotlab.jar --install
  5. java -jar myrobotlab.jar
  6. web gui starts
  7. load correct MrlComm into Arduino
  8. Use runtime ui in webgui to start 1 arduino & 1 servo
  9. click to arduino tab - connect to the right port 
  10. verify the arduino is connected and happy - green light
  11. use the servo gui to configure the servo to the correct pin 
  12. use the servo gui to attach it to the arduino
  13. use runtime ui to create mouth service of type LocalSpeech
  14. try using the UI to make it say something
  15. start brain of type ProgramAB
  16. play with it - make sure it worky
  17. start ear of type WebKitSpeechRecognition (must use Chrome browser)
  18. see if it worky 
  19. connect all of the services together ...
  20. watch robot do stuff


I am at step 8 but arduino refuse to connect. In tutorial it show connect. But tutoriol is also broken because the mouse is lock inside a squere space.

Ad i have send no worky

No17 on list. Mike go on and off again and problem with Webspeech

Have send no worky for this as well

thank you so far



Is it plugged in ?
It doesn't see the port:

 Port name - COM4; Method name - openPort(); Exception type - Port not found.

was something else connected ?  Did the Arduino IDE see it on this port ?



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Ya you can look at the InMoov UI as Gael said ..

if you want to play with individual services and link them together, you can do this too:

If you named LocalSpeech mouth, WebKitSpeechRecognition ear, and ProgramAB brain
in the python console ..


Attaching ear to mouth stops the robot from listening to itself (and answering itself) and the ensuing endless conversation ...

Attaching the brain to the mouth ... allows the brain to speak
attaching the brain to the ear allows the brain to hear and respond

I have conected servo and arduino and I did : conect , ear, brain and mouth , AI working. Robot talk is very cheaky but wil be ok. 

Now i must conect Arduino Com4 and Pin 9 for mouth.

Please tri help.

This geting me excited to go on. 




I have send no worky for nixi. If i conect Arduino it connect to uno only but no worky. I have mega. If i select Mega it trew me back to Uno



This is a great totorial if you have a complete inmoov. But the only way to learn is to start from scratch. You are a profesional already. I will get there but first i must learn the basics :)

Thank you


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In "theory" this is what you might need go make the mouth servo move...

You got servos to work, and you've been playing with it for a while ...
MRL works with services, all services have names, the names are important

You should have a service named mouth - which is probably of type LocalSpeech

and a mouthServo ?
You need to make the mouthServo work first ... attach it to the arduino ..

when the mouthServo is worky and all the other parts are worky ..

it "should" be ..

mouthcontrol = Runtime.start("mouthcontrol","MouthControl")

This is assuming that you actually named the mouthServo "mouthServo"
If it no worky - send a no worky


2 years 12 months ago

How do i change the Robot age, gender. Because my Robot is male 55 years old and he keep saying he is female and 8 years old



It's depending on which bot you are running, if you use Alice, you will need to modify many aiml that relate to female answers.

With InMoov bots (en-US), you can modify what you want in: