I will use for tracking the motion of a person the Lidar X4.

In the first step, I try to install ROS on my Raspberry 3b+, but in Linux it's not so easy as it seems.

Did anyone has experiences with lidars or ROSĀ  to share ?



3 years 7 months ago

Hello Tricia279,
I have a little experience with ROS.
Some of the tutorials are pretty good, if you have to build your own custom messages with the CATKIN workspace it can get messy and complex. Running multiple versions of ROS can also be a pain. I have a LIDAR, but have not used it ... yet.
Good luck !

Hi Grog,

yesterday I installed ROS Melodic on my RPi 3B+, because one guy at ros.org gave me a good link to do so. The Lidar is for me absolutely necessary because he works in realtime and I need this informations in that way.

Today I'm in vaccation right now, but if you want I can send you the link at end of October.