The Service Matrix (Re-visited) - Need Help !

Service Matrix

We now have a working service matrix.  
The build now deploys the latest serviceData.json here

Master doesn't work because we haven't released yet

So the data from the build & code makes the latest documentation  ... these are goodtimes ....

This should help us navigate what needs attention, and is a nice "quick reference" guide.

This one was built in php, but a javascript one would be preferrable .. on the TODO list.

When we clean this up a bit, we should append it to the end of the Wikipedia submission article, here 

I'm currently cleaning up descriptions.  Descriptions are in all small case, because typically they follow the "name" of the service type.  They are supposed to tell what the service "does" or what its "good" for ..

For example I changed AdafruitMotorShield previouis description of :

Adafruit Motor Shield Service

to :

arduino shield which controls 4 dc motors or 2 steppers

I've also added a licensing field and a isCloudService field.

Let's bust this out !