Diyservo like Poppy

Hello I'm the guy with my Verbot IA chatterbot. But this is not the subject here. I would like to use almost everywhere normal engines as indicated in this demo.
And that to make a series of movements to be memorized to make one more. For example. The "creature" wants to scratch his elbow. So I will manipulate the members myself or use the potentiometer of the video to reach a part of the intermediate movement and save it, then I re manipulate the members (or potentiometer), there also record the position of the potentiometer or limbs, Etc etc. Until the hand scratches the head of the "thing" and there I memorize all the intermediate positions to make a single movement .. (Like the little bot Poppy who knows how to do it very easily ). I will be surprised that no one has thought of such an easy thing to do. Do you have a solution, easy because I'm still a donkey in code. Otherwise I know myself and know my daughter well, if it is not easy we will never be done. :0)   And she will do sewing rather than robotic and I will cry a lot. Please.



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Is it something like the InMoovGestureCreator that you are looking for ?


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No no, much simpler. Ex: I

No no, much simpler. Ex: I can not by force move arms or head of my InMoov without breaking servo motors. Pfff. But with simple ultra-solid (or other) drill motors as on the demo and very simple potentiometers I can make movements by hand or with the potentiometer, walk by step and make a sequence of consecutive movements with the Small potentiometer Max or mini that I want to memorize one after the other. Mvt01, + 02, + 03 etc make it a Mvt_Total file and make it play whenever I want. It's no more complicated. The little bot Poppy does it very easily. Mrl should be able to memorize the value of the potentiometer in one way or another. Why complicate things?
Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Another thing I would like to know but later. Why is MRL so centralized. Why not delegate to the arms, legs, vision of big processor only made for them?

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Hi guys ! @Sylvain exemple,

Hi guys !

@Sylvain exemple, motor shutdown

When your arm is forced to Up : the potentiometer is X position

When your arm is forced to Down : the potentiometer is X++ position

You can read X . X is send to arduino and you can convert to angle. The good question is what is the cleanest way to do

@matt is it possible to intercept the diyservo pin with a publishpinArray ?

Or better I saw a getPos() is the service maybe it is enough...

of course sylvain after that, there is some little work to save the gesture ( maybe with the help of gesture creator or some python lines ).

Have you tested the service DIYservo ?



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I think what you want to do

I think what you want to do is series elastic actuators :

you need for example two potentiometers : one for position control and one to control the drift caused by the position you want to reach.






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Thanks to all. :0) What I

Thanks to all. :0)

What I want is quite simple. I just need a way to move arms , head, neck  by hand or with the potentiometer (or several) of the video. I want MRL to memorize every intermediate position I choose to build a path. That's all.
If the "creature" (the bot) wants to scratch his head. I want to make myself (by hand or with the potentiometer) a sort of path of movements. Ex 10 movements to be memorized between the arm position down relaxed and the place of the hand on/near the head. I will be surprised that MRL does not already know how to do it.
Apparently to what I understand, is the memorization of the positions of the potentiometer "by hand" to make a total path that make you in troubles.
In fact no need to code myself, Mrl should know how to memorize positions from the moment I ask. I do not want to use servomotors anymore, it's too fragile. I want to use normal and cheap robust motor and measure their position with the potentiometers.

Thanks :0)


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Hi Sy, Yes MRL could memorize

Hi Sy,
Yes MRL could memorize gestures with force feedback. Yes diyservos would be a great way to do this. At the moment it would be done with a Python script. Later it could be developed into a new service.

If you have pots and motors you could help test.


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Servo Recorder

This Might Help you out-        - 15min video

Thers quite i few on YouTube- just seach "-Servo Recorder" or "Servo Hack"- and you should find something the can help you out- ya just just got seach through all the crap to find find a good one,,,