I have downloaded the latest version, when I run the old gui with:
java -jar myrobotlab.jar 

I get the old gui with version 807, in this video in 4:00 the guide shows how to update the gui. 

When I do that I get a message that 1.0.119 is available but when I click OK I get the messge "finished processing updates" than clicking on the restart bottom and lunching again I get the old gui version of 807. 

when I click on check for updates I get the message of 1.0.119 is available .. Ive tryied to update several times but in all caeses it returned to 807.

What did I do wrong?




8 years 3 months ago

Hey Avi,

you're using one of our "bleeding-edge"-builds, these are updated after every change and will always contain all new goodies. These won't work with the update-function !!! To update it, you'll need to manually download the new myrobotlab.jar and replace your old one with it ( -> http://mrl-bucket-01.s3.amazonaws.com/myrobotlab.jar ).

1.0.119 is a classic release, it can be updated when a new release is pushed out.

Good luck,